Day 6: Rock Springs, WY – Salt Lake City, Utah

Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 10.52.11 PM
Our hotel in Rock Springs, ‘My Place’, was a bare bones brand new hotel that believed in reserving “frivolous” amenities like free breakfast in favor of kitchenettes in every room with which we were fine. We bought a loaf of bread at the local Wal-Mart and we had carried some leftover peanut butter and jam from Chicago so we were set. I still had a packet of oatmeal that I had grabbed from the Homewood Suites. We ate our breakfast in our room using the coffee machine and toaster they had provided (they even had a full size refrigerator). Weirdly, they did not provide any plates or cutlery which was annoying. How can you have an entire kitchenette and no plates or bowls, not even disposable ones!

Anyway, we left here and decided to stop by Green River city which was on our way and a short distance from Rock Springs. First we drove to the outsides of the city to see if we can get to the more scenic locations advertised. We did stop by a somewhat dried up lake area. There was a lot of beauty around it with the mountains in the background as usual. There were a lot of RVs everywhere. They weren’t obvious in terms of taking up space by where we wanted to go or see but there were around and we could catch glimpses of them everywhere.


From here, we decided to go into the city itself and found a beautiful park rated highly by a lot of people on road trips who were also traveling with kids and needed a place to stretch and get the kids some playtime. Nestled between mountains, the city playground/park had a motion detecting water spray park that was very well constructed, a playground with the usual slides, plastic climbing rocks to get to the slides, a tunnel slide and so on. They even had a Union Pacific train engine on display.

Once J had had enough of this area, we saw the walking trail that stretched around this area. A bridge divided the park and on the other side, one could see tire swings and kids playing. We decided to stay on our side of the green and sat on an adult swing by the river, right off the rapids. The swing was in the shade and J was actually still for a few minutes allowing us to just take in the nature around us. Then of course, he got restless and wanted to get to the river. First A and I took him. I took off his shoes and let him soak his feet in the cold water. He absolutely loved that!

After here, we decided to eat lunch at a place called Chopsticks. I was hungry but just not able to eat the delicious food. J meanwhile was happy to eat his first noodles. He thought they were fascinating in their length and ate some without fuss.

After lunch, we drove to Salt Lake City, Utah, pretty much nonstop. Once we got to SLC, we parked our car in the downtown area and visited the Temple Square. This campus housed the Mormon temple headquarters and was very well maintained. We took a few pictures and walked around. We then bought some Starbucks and enjoyed the air conditioned surroundings of a huge downtown mall.

IMG_1072Mormon Temple Headquarters, Salt Lake City

Tired after the day’s activities, we drove to our hotel, a Hampton Inn, and checked in. We ate dinner at Perkins across the street and I even ordered one pancake for old times sakes (in a previous little, I lived in a town that had a Perkins with the best pancakes)and for J since he really likes pancakes.

There was an apple tree outside our hotel and we even plucked a couple apples from that tree. Interestingly, I ate one of the apples after getting to San Jose and it tasted crispy and tarty. All good.

Following usual night routine, we all went to bed by 10:00 pm. Onward to Winnemucca, NV, next.

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