Day 5 – Casper, WY – Rock Springs, WY and Independence Trail

Casper, WY - Rock Springs, WY
Casper, WY – Rock Springs, WY

We had complimentary breakfast at the Hilton and it was a good spread that included made to order pancakes, omelettes, eggs, bacon, and sausages. Since J was very hungry, before I fed him anything else, I tried giving him some watermelon and pineapple and he actually took a few bites of both for the first time. I dared to feed him half a raspberry and he knew something was up. He put it in his mouth, made a face, and was done with fruits for then. He enjoyed his pancake.


Our first stop of the day was Independence Trail. At first, we merely wanted to stop at this rest area for a pee break but then as we got out of the car, saw that, there were a few other things worth looking at. For example, there was an old school buggy cart. Photo op! Right next to the buggy was an invitation to walk the trail leading to Independence Rock or Trail as it was called. It was quite the coincidence because just as we were driving toward it, not knowing that that’s where we were going, we saw this huge, smooth, semi-flat rock and both, A and I expressed how we would have loved to climb it had J not been with us. I am not much of a rock climber but this climb just called for getting climbed on and I figured it looked easy enough from a distance.


We were thrilled that the trail we had serendipitously chanced upon, actually led us to that rock. So, the three of us trudged along the path, with J sometimes walking but mostly being carried by one of us. In this manner, we walked the entire perimeter of the rock. There was nobody in front of us and nobody behind us. We just kept walking, like the adventure seekers we are J Loved the trail, loved the experience.

That’s pretty much it. We didn’t do much of anything else after that. For lunch, we stopped in Rawlins and ate at Pizza Hut. This location had a buffet so we were actually thrilled to get to eat some fresh salad from the bar. J ate some pasta. He is not a pizza fan yet. We stopped by McDonald’s for coffee but J wasn’t really interested in playing in their play area so we left soon after.

The entire drive to Rock Springs was again, extremely picturesque. Even though this trip has been exhausting, I am really enjoying being surrounded by mountains. It is also very, very hot. J, my little white-brown boy has tanned quite a bit despite application of sunscreen. I am brown so I am just naturally tan I guess.

In Rock Springs, we stayed at a relatively new and unknown hotel called My Place. It was a nice, clean place with a single clean bed and a kitchenette. However, even with a full fledged kitchen, they did not provide any utensils or cutlery which was annoying. Thankfully, we had such things packed for the few days we might be without our stuff and in the midst of unpacking when our stuff gets delivered to San Jose so it wasn’t such a big deal. Still…quite inconsiderate.

Once at the hotel, because it was still early, Aaron took J to a local playground while I rested. Didn’t do much of anything really, just watched some MASH and took a short nap. Once they returned, we decided to go to Applebee’s for dinner. There, we ordered Sriracha Shrimp and a Salmon dinner. J had a bit of both (the shrimp without the sriracha coating). Just as we were leaving, Aaron accidently dropped and broke a glass, which the staff were kind enough to totally not make a big deal. Of course we tipped well.

Once we got back, it was the usual routing of getting J to bed. Both tired, we went to bed soon after.

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