Day 2 – Sparta, WI – Sioux Falls, SD

Sparta - Sioux Falls
Sparta – Sioux Falls

We left Sparta by 10:00 a.m. after a decent breakfast at the Best Western Trail Lodge. J ate his first bit of a waffle and did not like it. I liked that he did not like it. Despite liking pancakes, I am in no rush to introduce him to sweet breakfast foods like waffles with syrup. He ate his usual oatmeal but as a treat, I mixed it with some yoghurt so he got some dairy and probiotics as well, along with the healthy nutrition of oats. Meanwhile, I did eat a waffle! I know! They also had eggs and sausages but they looked so gross that one glance at them and I was done. I liked that they had a Cappuccino machine and looked forward to enjoying a nice hot cup of French Vanilla. Alas! It was too sweet to my liking.

So after wrapping up our breakfast, we left Sparta for a long and exhausting drive. Poor Aaron has to do all the driving. Of course I could do it too but he says he likes driving and so I don’t argue with that. I don’t mind hanging out in the back with J. Most of the time, we nap.

Our first stop upon leaving was by a little park like area that had a huge statue of a man on a … Sparta is known as the ‘bicycling capital of America’ and so that was amusing to see. We clicked a few pictures and then stopped by a Wal-Mart to get some baby supplies.

From here, even though I tried, it was hard to get J to not nap. As I mentioned in the last post, we want J to nap during the longer afternoon stretches but the poor kid is so tired that he invariably falls asleep during the first part of the drive.

For lunch, we stopped at Tarsilla’s Coffee House in Stewartville, a little town on I90. The restaurant had good reviews from TripAdvisor and we decided to give it a shot trusting reviewers just as we did with the Sparta Family Restaurant we dined at the night before which we liked. Tarsilla’s was good too. It had an old school restaurant charm. The place looked dingy but authentic. The server was nice. I ordered their Thursday special flat bread pizza and A got a BLT inspired by my choice the previous night. For the first time, we ordered J his own food, grilled cheese sandwich but instead of fries, we asked for steamed green beans.

J was very fussy during lunch and only ate a little of his sandwich. Later, I fed him milk in the car…we are taking a cooler full of his milk and other things we had in our fridge that we didn’t want to get rid. Aaron asked if there was a park nearby and sure enough there was one not too far from the restaurant. We decided to spend some time here to help J release some energy. The park was really fun for J. He enjoyed the swing and many slides as well as the stationery-mobile dirt bike bump ride. After spending about 30 minutes here, we set out on our long haul drive.

J absolutely did not sleep for the three hours long drive to Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Although, he was quiet the whole time, it was worrying us that he did not nap at all. Hmm..

Anyway, so once we got into the city, we decided to stop by Falls Park to watch the famed falls after which the city is named. We spent some time here marveling at the Falls and taking pictures before checking into our room at the Homewood Suites by Hilton.

Sioux Falls, SD
Sioux Falls, SD


The night was restless since J was up on and off for most of it making for a very tiring night for all three of us. He finally fell asleep around 3 a.m. and we were all able to catch some zzz. He woke up at 6:49 a.m. (slept in a little) but then once we brought him into our bed, he slept with us for another hour or so. Overall, it was an exhausting day but we appreciated being able to be in a new town and see the Falls.

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