Don’t sweat the stuff…it’s only stuff

So the movers came today and moved our gazillion boxes, pieces of furniture, bicycles, and tires. After getting quotes from the three big moving companies – , we decided to go with Mayflower. The men who came in today who were probably their local but independent contractors working for Mayflower were nice, professional, and quick. They were able to accomplish a lot carefully and in good time. Once they collected stuff from our home, Aaron went with them to our storage facility (we are not habitual storage keepers. We needed to de-clutter to sell our place so we had packed up a bunch of boxes, my office stuff, and such, and moved that to a storage. The guys just had to pick these up from there. We decided not to have the movers pack our stuff because that would have increased our cost by $2000 and because we like doing our own packing. Doing our own packing enables us to better evaluate our material objects and decide what to keep, what to donate, and what to throw out.

Boxes on moving day...a few of a few hundred
Boxes on moving day…a few of a few hundred

With the movers out of the condo at 1:15 p.m. (went to the storage after that), I got busy putting J to bed. That kid has been exceptionally adaptable. So much change around him and yet he just takes it all in his stride and just goes with the flow. He definitely has his father’s easy going personality 🙂

Once J woke up, he and I had fun just running around our empty living room playing catch. I am sure he found his new found freedom to just go into any cabinet he chose, to walk into any room and just wander around, and just frolic around the living room, unencumbered, extremely unusual but exciting.

The entire condo is my playground
The entire condo is my playground

Anyway, just as this one big phase of our lives is ending, our new one begins soon. C’est la vie.

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