‘The Great Summer Roadtrip’ is less than a week away

We are less than a week away from embarking on ‘The Great Summer Roadtrip’ of our lifetime and immediate future. Our movers are coming in on Tuesday and all our stuff will be packed away to arrive tentatively between August 14-19. We leave for San Jose on Wednesday, August 5.

We have been packing on and off this week but it gets a little challenging with J around. Everytime I pack something, he wants to pull it back out and play with it. My poor idli container was all over the apartment today 🙂 Anyway, we’ve been trying to get stuff done and even with J around, I did a lot of the kitchen and our Ikea bookshelf storage today. I hope to get the kitchen near completed tomorrow so that would take care of 80% of the packing. All I am left with are my clothes and shoes, office stuff, and some miscellaneous things around.

Soon, our lives in Chicago will merely be memories. Moving here in 2009, finding my own apartment, establishing myself professionally, meeting Aaron, falling in love, getting married, buying our first home, having our first child…Chicago will always have a special place in our hearts.


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