Summer 2015 – Toronto, Canada – I

J and I got to Toronto yesterday. The first phase of our summer and my unemployment has begun. Traveling alone from Chicago to Toronto was little bit of a hassle especially since J had to skip his nap to get to the airport. He was also hungry and tired. In line to check in (I couldn’t check in online since I do not have a US or Canadian passport), he kept screaming and wiggling out of the baby carrier in which I was wearing him. Once I got him out, he of course wanted to walk everywhere and escape all over the place. Between carrying him on my front, a heavy bagpack on my back and a heavy diaper shoulder bag, I was just about to say I was done with this and return home. Phew! Anyway, I trudged along. Thankfully, J napped the entire time on the airplane and woke up 15 minutes before landing which was perfect so he could watch our landing, the beautiful water, and his first glimpse into his Fatherland 🙂

Aaron and Grandma came to get us at the airport. After that, we came home and had a relaxing evening eating Grandma’s amazing lasagna for dinner. I didn’t bring my pressure cooker to Canada because I really want J to get used to eating regular food. At the same time, it is sad to know that he really doesn’t eat much of anything else except rice and daal, which is fine, still I would like him to eat other things and try a variety of foods.

Riverdale Farm

20150709_105745 20150709_104852 20150709_104501

Today we visited the Riverdale Farm in Toronto – a farm run by the City of Toronto with free admission and free street parking. I was actually excited to visit this place. The entrance to enter the farm took us through a nice little winding road that led us to a chicken coup but not before we got to see the pigs and turkeys. J liked the chicken and seemed amused. From here, even though I don’t remember the order of animal visits, we got to see a lot of sheep, two cows, two horses and a couple of ponds. I think J enjoyed walking around the farm, just hanging out. I held him as we touched the wool on the back of a sheep and he seemed to enjoy doing that. He was scared of a horse that made a sudden turn to look at J and startled the poor kid. He even cried a little, scared by the horse but calmed down in a little bit.

The farm was filled with little kids’ tour groups and families with kids. I love the idea of this place and the reality of its existence. What a great avenue for kids to hang out and see the different animals and how absolutely wonderful for the city to offer it for free!

Tomorrow we go to the family’s cottage in Parry Sound. Looking forward to it.

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