J attends his first birthday party

Little J attended his first birthday party today. My colleague’s son, Aarav, turns 2 next week and we attended a celebration of that day. The party was between 1 – 4 p.m. which was a great time frame for us. We believe J is going through some kind of a growth spurt which is why has been napping qualitatively better the last couple of days.

Today, J napped for three hours. I put him into his crib after he fell asleep on me at 10:41 a.m. and he woke up at 1:39 p.m. After a change of diapers, a long drawn lunch, and change of clothes, we left for the venue at about 2:30 p.m. We were, of course, relatively late but given the generous time frame, still within the given period. Aarav looked adorable and such a cute little boy. He looked like a kid, kid and I imagined J looking like that in a few months too. I can already see J transforming a little everday. His movements are getting more self-assured, his little diapered toddler walk and run is getting straighter, more confident, and self-assured. Today he taught himself how to climb onto the couch. He has been trying to climb things for a few days now but unsuccessfully. Today, he finally just did it!

What I am learning about J is that he is extremely determined. He has begun to understand the words, ‘try’ and ‘help’. This means, that by sheer determination alone, he is able to accomplish a lot of things. He tries to figure out what we are saying, seeks confirmation with body language and indecipherable expressions, and then just does it. He has successfully put stuff I gave him into our recycling box in the closet by the door, put towels in drawers, and his dirty clothes into his laundry hamper. He gives me things when I ask for them. If I am looking for something that he had been playing with minutes prior, and ask him if he knows where that thing is, he is able to accurately point in the direction (and one time, went to the spot by the couch, sat down, and looked under the couch to show me where the lip balm that he was playing with was) that he think it is in. This growth and learning experience has been a tremendous thing to just watch. He is growing beautifully and I just stare at the little kid he is turning out to be.

Today at the party, after overcoming some initial shyness, he was able to walk around and “play” with the birthday boy checking each other out and pushing chairs around. He even fed Aarav a chip and Aarav to his credit, readily opened his mouth and ate it too. Precious!! I loved watching the two together and I realized that I would love for J to interact with kids a little older than him. Playing with someone older will teach him things, energize him, help him see how things are done differently, have another buddy who can walk/run around with him, engage in their own kind of talk, and so on. I am going to talk to Aarav’s parents (and they said they wanted this too) to set up a playdate.

At the end of the party, we went to Stan’s Donuts in Streeterville, went to Macy’s at the Water Tower mall, and then came back home. What a good day and how wonderful to have seen J have fun at a party. He even ate some snacks of Garrett’s popcorn, some paneer, and a chip!


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