A year ago today…

I woke up at 9:00 a.m. with an unusual abdominal cramp and I just knew it! I rushed out and excitedly told my parents and Aaron that today was going to be the day we would get to meet our child and later that night (the next morning), we did indeed meet the little one!

Tomorrow, that precious little being turns one. ONE. O N E!! What an incredible journey!!

At this time (3:38 p.m.) last year, the contractions had slowly started getting stronger. Still bearable and I was busy playing Jigsaw on my iPad, answering and writing emails too…but I had an heightened sense of bodily awareness of what was going on with me.

Around 4:00 p.m., Aaron came out of the den, his home office, and sat next to me, working while I held his hand during each contraction as they slowly started getting stronger. I had started timing them since early afternoon and they were progressing at a steady rate. I even made a video of Baby J moving in the womb, ready for his big night earlier when Aaron was still in his office. I assured my parents, meanwhile, that I was doing fine and that they should try and get some naps in before having to potentially be up all night. After much assurances, they finally agreed to nap for a bit. When they woke up, the contractions were really getting stronger by minutes now.

We tried to go about the day as normally as we could. I even wrote my last work email at 4:36 p.m. Around 6:00 p.m., upon my parents’ urging, I tried to eat a little dinner – some dosa but by then, contractions had become painful. I was going in and out of the washroom multiple times – my body’s way of preparing me for the impending childbirth. It was a little weird – what I was going through. Literally one minute, I would be in terrible pain, holding on to Aaron’s hand, and as soon as the contraction subsided, I was back to my usual self, cheerful and happy like nothing had happened….that is, until pains from the next contraction started. I labored at home until 7:30 p.m. by which time I could no longer take the pain and told Aaron to call our doctor’s office.

The paging company messaged the doctor on call, Dr. Salasche, and she called back in 15 minutes – so yes, I was still writhing in pain for 15 minutes. She asked to speak to me and asked me how long the contractions had been going on for, how far apart they were, if my tests had been negative, what the due date was (the 26th) and others as I expected. In the end, I heard the magical words, “C’mon down and let’s take a look”.

Within seconds, we were on our way to Northwestern’s Prentice Women’s Hospital. My parents had everything packed and ready to go. Aaron helped me put on my socks. I just shoved my feet in sneakers, grabbed a coat and scarf, and off we drove – with nearly 4 contractions along the way to the hospital (thank goodness we lived so close by!!)……this glorious day began the one year journey of our angel baby J. Tomorrow, this sweet little miracle turns one…a solid one. Oh beautiful baby child of mine…..you are one.


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