Product I am looking forward to using: BOB SE Revolution Stroller


Aaron and I finally bought the BOB SE Revolution Jogging Stroller. We had this on our Target registry where the price never went down. Not that we ever meant to buy it from here but we wanted it on the registry so that if we did buy it here, we would still get the 10% completion discount. We also placed the BOB stroller snack tray and the handlebar console on our registry and purchased it recently as part of our completion.

It was while I was on my way to my workout class once that I saw an Asian woman pushing this BOB stroller for the first time. At the time I was just about done with my first trimester I believe and was just keeping my eyes open to the baby products around me. I stopped to chat with her and asked her if she liked it which she did and she showed me a few things about it that impressed me. I thought it was a little high for me (I am only 5’2) but seeing that she who was also about my height carried it fine, I figured I could look into it.

Since then, I did a lot of research on different kinds of strollers. I was clear I wanted a jogging stroller but weight was the biggest criteria. At the time, we didn’t know we would want to buy two strollers. If we only bought one, we wanted a light one. A lot of the jogging strollers I researched were good enough and would have met our purpose which essentially only involves taking our baby out for long walks by the lake and for ridealongs on my 5k races. Since I don’t jog that fast anyway, perhaps the BOB will encourage me to do a better pace.

As we did our research on the BOB, we realized that it is indeed quite bulky. Since we live in a condo, our space is limited. We also have a small foyer. Since Aaron despises clutter of any kind and is especially against dragging dirt into the home (despite our Canadian and Indian differences, one thing we agree upon is the no shoes in the home principle – he is also against dragging suitcases on the floor to get to the bedroom after our travels among other things so the same logic would apply to strollers that have been outside – the point being, because we cannot drag a stroller that has been outside to some other part of the home to store, we have to store it in the foyer and our space is limited). Anyway, so the BOB does fold very bulky. Even though it has a strap that keeps everything together, because it has big wheels, it takes up a lot of space so do be mindful of this if you have a condo and need to store the stroller inside your apartment.

Since we bought the Graco Literider Classic Connect Stroller and we want to use that as a travel stroller, we folded it and placed it in our trunk. We ended up buying the BOB for $399 and the best part of the deal was that it came bundled with the snack tray and handlebar console for that price. We will now return the ones we bought from Target – a savings of $50. Because the BOB and Graco are different brands, our Graco car seat does not snap easily into the BOB. We had put the BOB- Graco car seat adapter in our Amazon registry and since we were gifted that, we already had the set up ready to go. We bought a brand new Orange BOB and the guy at the store actually assembled it for us right there, checked the tire pressure, filled it with the right amount of air (35, I think) and it was ready to go. I tried collapsing it and opening it up a few times I got the hang of it. The weight which is at 25 pounds is still too heavy for me and will especially be so if I ever have to lift it to place it in our sedan’s trunk.

Once we bought it home, we set up the car seat adapter and our Graco Snugride Classic Connect on to it and it worked like a charm. Obviously we cannot use the snack tray since it is either the tray or the adapter but the car seat fit fine, snapped in place and went really well with the stroller. The one thing we did not like is that the BOB cannot collapse to its full extent when you have the adapter attached to the snack tray. This is extremely annoying and inconvenient. While it folds just fine with the snack tray in it, it is silly of the manufacturer to not make it so that you can fold the stroller just as low when you have the adapter. Now, every time we want to fold it, we will have to remove the adapter. How crazy is that!

All said and done, I am looking forward to using the BOB SE Revolution Jogging Stroller especially for its “joggability”. Everywhere I read, it has amazing reviews and people who use it seem to really, really like it. I am excited about having my baby and getting my baby back in shape. I am looking to the BOB to encourage me to get out more often and take my baby with me so he/she gets used to an active life. I just hope I have the kind of baby who enjoys things like that. Then again, given that her/his Canadian dad is so outdoorsy, if our baby gets even half of daddy’s energy and enthusiasm, the baby will be just fine on the BOB.

The only thing I don’t like about the BOB so far is the lack of foldability with the car seat adapter. If that one thing can be fixed, I would give this stroller a two thumbs up sign. Again, do know that my brief review is based on my pre-baby and pre-use perspective. I’ll update my views once I actually start using it.

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