Product I am looking forward to using: Graco Literider Classic Connect Stroller

Graco Literider Classic Connect Stroller

After doing our due diligence and a lot of research (mostly me since Aaron left that responsibility to me) on strollers, we finally decided to have two strollers.

In addition to a jogging stroller, our other stroller would be the following. We put this on our registry and in fact, it was one of the first items to be bought for which we were immensely grateful.

We were able to bring it home after the baby shower and play with it the next day. Aaron assembled the stroller within a few minutes. The process was easy. He did have to read the instructions to assemble it but found the process easy. We got the Barley because that shade of green is one we really like and thought why not. Of course we didn’t base our decision on color alone. Here’s why I think this is a good stroller:

1. The price – during the Thanksgiving sale, this stroller was on sale for $48 at Target. One could find it for a cheaper price if they comparison shop. Amazon has a good price on it as well. It is affordable as far as strollers go.

2. It is light. Weighing in at a little over 16 pounds, it is one of the few lighter strollers that folds easily and can fit into most cars. The jogging stroller I want on the other hand weighs 25 pounds and I am NOT looking forward to lifting it for the car trunk.

3. It folds easily with one push of a button with a simultaneous turn of a handle. It opens up and clicks into place just as easily with one pull. You do need a second hand to hold on to the stroller to prop it up but as you get more used to it, you may become an expert at it – good enough to do it with one hand.

4. Given that it is the Classic Connect model, it works well with the Classic Connect car seat that snaps in place without the need for any additional accessory.

5. It has a large under storage that fits my Ju Ju Be All Diaper Bag.

6. It folds easily and doesn’t take up too much space at home for storage.

7. It comes with a snack tray for the baby so no need to buy a separate one.

Things I am slightly concerned about:

1. It does fold easily but the snack tray hits the floor because of the fold which is weird. I can see the snack tray get ruined the more times I close the stroller.

2. As many reviewers on Target and other places have noted, I am also concerned about the lean of the stroller’s back. There are two settings and so a baby in the stroller is either upright or leaned way too back to be able to reach the snack tray – then again, I am not sure if I should really be concerned about this one. We’ll see how long I use this stroller and how much my child wants to lean in or not.

So there you have it, we like it for the light weight especially and the fact that it works well with our car seat. As previously mentioned, they both are part of the Classic Connect travel system so they are made for each other. We have the and I am excited to use it too so look out for a review soon. We looked into buying one of those strollers that is basically a bare bones pusher and you just place your car seat directly into that pusher…something like this:

However, we found it too expensive for the utility. We can only use this stroller/pusher for as long as we are using the car seat on stroller so basically about 3-5 months. Buying a full sized stroller on the other hand is a product we can use for a while independently of the car seat and get more use out of it for the money – which is less than the stroller/pusher. Of course, it is going to be even lighter in weight but no regrets on our decision to go full size.

Looking forward to the stroller pushing experience.

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