Indian Cricket or Canadian Hockey

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The quintessential question that largely remains unanswered at this point…Will my little one develop an interest for one of his/her mommy’s favorite sports, Cricket, or will she/he develop an unbridled fervor for daddy’s obsession with hockey or both? Given that the two sports are played in different seasons (generally speaking – although Cricket can be played year around), perhaps my little one will love both sports. Then again, given that I have barely watched or even followed Cricket in the 13-14 years I have lived in the U.S., perhaps my child won’t be exposed to the sport as much. Besides, I enjoy hockey too…even though my interests only peek when the Chicago Blackhawks play. As long as Jonathan Toews remains captain, I don’t see that interest wane. The fact that Toews is Canadian makes him a favorite in our home. US-American Patrick Kane is also a favorite especially since he has consistently pulled victory from the jaws of defeat for the Hawks on at least two occasions that I can think of (including the Stanley Cup, 2010). Hossa and Sharp get talked about as well :)

I feel so weird talking about hockey with even this modicum of respectable contribution to my own discussion! I guess having a Canadian husband and living in an amazing city that has seen two Stanley Cup victories in 3 years will make a fan out of anybody under the circumstances. Our child will be no different given to the fancies of annual hockey tournaments. I even bought a onesie that says, “I’m told I love hockey” :) I do have plans on having my children start playing hockey at a young age. Their mom can’t skate or ski or snowboard and daddy can do all of these activities. So I want my children to grow up knowing these ‘skills’ and enjoying these sports just like their daddy did and does. What does that mean for Cricket…hmmm…not so sure about that. I can only hope that I can instill some love for cricket in them so they grow up being able to at least carry on an intelligent conversation about the sport. I imagine my grown up kids surprising their conversational partners who are amazed at their smart comments on cricket and wonder how they know so much about it having grown up in the U.S. only to be told by my children, “Oh, my mom is Indian and loves Cricket. I/we get the love for the game from her!” Wouldn’t that be something!? :) Haha…my kid is not even born yet and I am already envisioning him/her conversing with an invisible person about cricket!

One of the reasons that makes it harder to follow cricket in the U.S. is the lack of access to sporting networks that show the game. Now of course, if I was that inclined I would buy the ESPN Cricket packages from any cable network or watch online but I have never done that. Even when India won the last world cup, I chose to watch crappy live broadcast of the game online with very bad connection and constant buffering over actually buying the package. I did once watch the IPL finals a few years ago at an acquaintance’s place and since he had paid for the package, that was actually enjoyable to watch (even though Mumbai Indians lost).

In any case, it is my hope that our child grows up to appreciate sports in general. She/he can pick whatever captures the fancy of their young minds and interests. I have always believed that as parents, it is our responsibility to introduce our children to as many different experiences as we can so if they ever have to choose between alternatives, they can make educated decisions. That pertains to religion as well but that is a discussion for another day.

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