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Yes, this lady has been nesting for a while. I feel a little at peace today because I bought 20 items off of our Amazon Baby Registry with a 15% Amazon Mom discount. Before I get into the details of Amazon, let me write about Target first.


Note: This post was written in January 2014. Things may have changed since then. Also, the links in this post contain affiliate links and I will receive a small commission if you make a purchase after clicking on my link. If you find my post helpful, please support this blog by clicking on the appropriate links to make your purchases.



I’ve always liked Target (don’t want to comment about the controversies here). With regard to the registry, they give you a 10% completion discount and let you use the 10% discount twice, once online and once at the store. If you also have their RedCard, you get an additional 5% which makes it the same as Amazon (that gives you a 10% registry completion discount but you get an additional 5% if you have the Amazon Mom membership) and you get to use it twice. Note though that if you use a Target gift card to make your purchases, your additional 5% may not apply. I am a little ambiguous on this.



When I bought a bunch of stuff on Target.com as part of our registry completion, I was able to get the 10% completion discount, 5% RedCard discount for free shipping, and additional discount because nursing bras and camis were on some kind of a ‘purchase worth $50 and get a % off sale.


Save 5% and get Free Shipping at Target – Apply for a REDcard


I was a little confused if I actually got the additional 5% on all my items or if it applied only to items that I wasn’t paying with the giftcards (the total value of gift cards was $200 and my total purchase was worth $264 (rounded off). I got a total discount of $43 (rounded and includes shipping charges)). Paid $14 (rounded) in taxes and only had to pay $34 out of pocket.


Anyway, I was pleased with the overall transactions and am now looking forward to getting all the deliveries.


Some other things I liked about having my baby’s registry at Target –



(a) Convenient to see something at the store and quickly scan it on to your registry using a smartphone. I mostly did my entire registry by looking up stuff on their website and clicking “Add to Registry” but the one time I went to the store just to look, I found a bunch of things I wanted on the list and it was just as simple to pull the registry up on my Target app (I have a Samsung S4 phone), click on ‘Scan a Code’ (you’ll have to look for it, unless you know your way around the app, it might take some time to find it – it took me a while) at the top of the registry page on the phone, hold the phone’s camera by the store item’s barcode and just like that with a beep, the chosen item will come up on your registry.

Target Baby Registry

(b) Prices mostly stay consistent (sometimes cheaper online).

(c) Free shipping over $35 (does not apply to all products) and free with the RedCard on almost all items.



(d) Good thing to be able to touch and feel a product to decide if you really want it.

(e) Discounts, store and manufacturer coupons, sales (especially, baby sales)

(f) Very quick email notifications of shipment, quick shipping, all of my orders are already on their way.

(g) You get a goody bag just for creating a registry. My bag had a whole bunch of coupons (including a $25 off coupon for Honest Company products) and freebies for the baby that I was very excited to use. I didn’t know about this with my first baby or perhaps they simply didn’t do these back then but I did take advantage of this bag this time around in 2016.




(a) Not all items are available online and not all are available at the store. Availability may change at any time for no apparent reason on either platforms which I found really annoying. I had to keep checking the registry everyday to make sure the items I needed were indeed there, if not, I did a price comparison and added the item to my Amazon registry, instead.


(b) Taxes. I don’t mind paying them but for as long as Amazon doesn’t charge taxes (not applicable in all states), paying them anywhere else will seem unnecessary.


(c) Very, very slow to update purchases. I bought a bunch of things on Saturday, January 25th. It is Monday, Jan 27th today and the items on my registry still show up as not purchased (this makes it likely that you will get multiples of items. Thankfully, in my case, the only thing I got twice was the Desitin Diaper Rash Cream which is fine. I have one in each diaper station, one in our bathroom and one for my parents to use if they happen to change the baby – I am calling it a “station” but all it is is a little box with diapers, wipes, changing pad, a toy, and Desitin :))


(d) No Thank-You list to tell you who purchased what. You have to wait till you actually get the item to find out. Perhaps that’s fine for some people. My Type A anxiety-prone personality demands instant information.


Still, I actually liked having a Target Baby Registry. I was able to go to the store and put any last minute items into my Baby Registry App as well. In fact, when we were purchasing items from the Registry that others didn’t purchase for us, I put a few more things I saw and liked on my registry while in the store, and got a discount on them at the Checkout as well.

Create a Target Baby Registry


You get almost anything you want on this website. I have been an early adopter of online shopping and my orders on Amazon go as far back as 2002. I initially only bought books but in recent years, have been buying pretty much anything I might need. It was a no-brainer when it came to developing a baby registry here. I also signed up for Amazon Mom which would increase my registry completion discount to 15% instead of 10%.


(a) Options and plenty of them. Often competitive prices but not always the cheapest. For sure, comparison shop with Target and other physical stores. You might have to pay taxes elsewhere so the higher Amazon costs may be slightly worth it for you if you buy a lot of things but always a wise idea to do some comparison to make sure you are truly getting a good deal.

(b) The 15% registry completion discount (applies to Prime/Amazon Mom Membership).

(c) Not related to the registry but I like their Coupon click program. Recently, I bought Seventh Generation diapers and wipes and they had a $4 off the diapers and $3 off the wipes deal. I am not much of a coupon-fanatic mom but I will not pass up a good deal when I see it. Of course, it remains to be seen if this is a good deal or not, mostly because I am buying a bunch of different kinds of diapers and wipes for my child. Why, you ask? Because I don’t know which ones will be most suitable to my baby. I am not sure if the baby will be sensitive/allergic/prone to rashes with certain kinds of products, so as a matter of course, I will be using different brands of diapers and wipes to see which ones suit my baby the most. If the baby doesn’t have issues with any of them, then it’ll simply be a matter of choosing one that has the best available deals at any given time.

(d) 2-day shipping, in most cases. Usually takes 3, sometimes 4 but I like getting my packages so quickly after I buy them.

(e) A ‘Thank-You List’ will tell you instantly who bought what along with their address which makes it easy to send thank you cards. Whenever someone buys something, the update on the website is pretty instantaneous as well.


(a) Prices fluctuate on a daily basis. They are never consistent and I am often bewildered at how something that cost $24.99 one day cost $16 the next. I understand they might have some complicated pricing algorithms to decide on daily/weekly pricing but that doesn’t do you any good if you have to have something on the day the price is higher.

(b) While a Prime Membership is certainly helpful with free shipping on a lot of items, not all items qualify. Those that do, sometimes cost more than if you would have bought the same item AND pay shipping so be mindful of pricing strategies and changes at Amazon.

(c) Not everything can be bought with a 2-day free shipping. A lot of smaller items are sold only as ‘Add-On’ items with a minimum purchase of $35 even with Prime. This is annoying even though on some level, I do get the logic behind it.

(d) Not all items on your registry qualify for the 15% completion discount which is annoying. Only items sold by Amazon that you have on your registry do. I had a whole bunch of items on there only to learn of this through someone who had posted this on some other website’s forum and it turned out to be true. 

(d) You can only use your discount once. When you’re done, you’re done. Target is able to provide the additional day because it actually has physical stores but Amazon doesn’t and therefore can’t provide that second chance. Besides, as large a corporation as Amazon is, where people buy so much stuff every day, they can easily get away with not doing this additional day. Although, if they have to stay competitive, wouldn’t it make sense to offer an additional bonus day for parents or newly weds or whoever has their registry here to shop the discounts a second time. I can guarantee that people will end up buying more stuff than they need just for the discount. It would make good marketing strategy for Amazon.

Summary – So there you have it. This is not meant to be a comprehensive review in any way, just my experiences with the different registries. Knowing what I know about both of these, which one would I pick as the winner? I have to say, if I had to choose one, that would be Target for the reasons cited above. What I like most was taking the guess work out of prices most often than not.

Unlike Amazon with its constantly changing prices (at least every few days or every week if not daily), I appreciate Target’s consistent pricing. Another reason to go with Target (and this is particularly true if you have a Target store in your city or within driving distance) is the fact that you can use your completion discount twice. Having the RedCard and the additional 5% definitely helps (Perhaps Amazon’s credit card has similar benefits but I don’t have this card nor do I intend to get one) especially the free shipping part. The 5% adds up really fast.

Of course, the best thing to do is have registries at both places. I can’t comment on ToysRUs/BabiesRUs or Buy Buy Baby and other stores. All the best with your registries. It is such a fun experience. I loved adding stuff there and watching who bought what at least on Amazon. I became a little obsessed with my registries and was constantly adding and deleting items. It is a learning process. We only had things we really needed (and a few we wanted) because we had a lot of things passed down to us from Aaron’s nephews. So we didn’t need a bouncer, swing, baby carrier, baby monitor and other such essentials.

We did need a crib, stroller, car seat, dresser, mattress, jungle gym, diaper bag and some other must haves but these needs were taken care of by family and a couple close friends. We were given a changing table by my co-worker even though we didn’t have plans on buying one (we were just going to use a changing pad on a dresser) but because they gave us theirs, we got a changing table AND a changing pad with two covers as well. It all worked out.

I can keep writing about baby stuff all day but I’ll save some for the next blog where I’ll post my favorite things from my registry and some baby must haves in my opinion (I will write a follow up after the baby is born to compare my own notes to see what I actually ended up using and not using – it’ll be an exercise in needs/wants separation :)) can you suspect the nerd in me yet?


Ready to create that registry. Simply click on the image link below:


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