Baby Shower

Baby Shower
Baby Shower

Aaron and I celebrated our baby’s arrival next month with a baby shower last week. I had a lot of fun seeing all my friends including coworkers whom I consider friends. It was a beautiful evening with chatter, games (designing onesies and bibs, and sippy cup sipping- thank goodness for no lame ‘measure the belly game’), and cutting of the cake. We had decided not to open presents which we feel can get a little intimidating as well as competitive. We didn’t want people to think or worry about the gifts once they were presented. I have never liked baby showers where gifts were opened. Not that I give bad gifts, I just don’t like the whole who gifted what thing.

Baby Shower New Mom

So the way we organized our baby shower was this: Since we are both new to Chicago, we didn’t have very many close friends until recently. I had one friend whom I considered a really, really good friend but that friendship died an organic, unexplainable death some time back. In any case, I wondered who would host my baby shower. I knew I wanted one. I was excited to have this celebration for our first child so it could help establish some memories of my pregnancy, a right of passage if you will. However, I read about the criticisms against hosting one’s own shower and even though I don’t see anything wrong with doing so (even though I understand the rationale) and I usually don’t care about public opinion, the idea of someone else hosting it appealed to me. So, while Aaron and I planned it, we asked a couple of our friends to host it and they were very excited to do so and eagerly agreed.

I finalized a few invitation samples and Aaron and I picked one we both liked. Because we didn’t find out the sex of our child, our card had a gender neutral (read: yellow) color with a bassinet on it. I made a list of foods I wanted for the shower and together, we decided on the kind of cake we wanted. Other than that, our hosts organized everything else – the decorations, the games, help picking up food on the day of, organizing the venue and so on. It all came together so well. We really appreciated all their efforts. Some of our other friends even stayed back helping us clean up the place which was very nice.

Baby Shower voting boardAaron and I brought home a bunch of presents including a much needed car seat – Graco Snugride 30, a Graco light travel stroller (we will buy a BOB SE Revolution Jogging Stroller in a couple months), books, one pack of Huggies newborn diapers and Desitin, a half high-chair, bath tub, crib melodies, blanket, and a bunch of other things. The most important thing was the car seat without which we wouldn’t have been able to bring our baby home from the hospital. Since Aaron’s parents have already bought us the crib, mattress, and dresser, we are set on those other important things. The stroller and car seat were the only other important things and now we have those too thanks to our friends.

We had a lot of leftovers most of which we froze. We also had a lot of cake leftover which we again froze but kept a good lot for us to eat and that’s what we’ve been doing for dessert since the baby shower. The cake is absolutely delicious and we’ve been savoring every morsel of it 🙂

All through the planning of the event, I was kept more or less in the dark since Aaron and the girls wanted it to be a surprise and mostly because they didn’t want to stress me out. Knowing me and how much I like to be in charge of event planning, mostly because I don’t trust others to do as good a job as I would do myself, I had some worrisome moments where I wondered if everything was going well and how things were being organized. It was truly challenging for me to not be involved. I wonder if this controlling nature is becoming a part of my new personality as I grow older or if I’ve always been this way. I think it is the latter. I like to be in charge if it is something I am personally invested in. I planned my entire wedding and even though I was stressed (having to let go of control on the day of so Aaron could situate everything while I was in hair and make up was stressful enough not knowing if everything would be done the way I wanted it – Our was a small wedding on the rooftop of our building), I enjoyed it. I loved being in control of what was and was not going to happen.

In any case, this was a great day and we had a lot of fun. It was very memorable and I will cherish those precious memories for a very long time.


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