Tag: Toddlers

10 Reasons Why Having Two Kids Makes Me Feel Guilty

(Originally written on February 22, 2017. Some of the specifics have changed in the 3 months that have passed since then but I have kept the same content so I know what it was back […]

The lesson my toddler taught me

I tiptoed down the stairs. Literally. Teju is asleep in her room and I just kissed TJ a Good Nap quietly closing his door behind me. Yet, I fear the slightest sound might wake one […]

10 Things only Moms of Toddlers and Infants know

Motherhood is not a one time been-there-done-that (BTDT) kind of a deal. Sure, the BTDT acronym is a popular one that does the rounds of pregnancy and baby related forums, but as even BTDT moms […]

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