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Review: Carmel Wow Markers and Paint Markers

My kids really enjoy art especially things having to do with splashes of colors. More specifically, they like to let their imaginations flow whether with color markers, crayons, paints, or whatever else.

We’re Different, We’re the Same and We’re Wonderful – Review

The book begins with highlighting, first, the fact that we’re all different. How can our differences unite us? A perfect children’s book to help understand differences don’t have to divide.

Review: Baby Sleepsuit by Breden Kids

I recently had the opportunity to review a Baby Sleepsuit by Breden Kids. I have previously reviewed their Balaclava hatscarf and noted just how much I liked that for my son. The folks at Breden also […]

Visit to Happy Hollow Park & Zoo

I have briefly written about my visits to the Happy Hollow Park & Zoo (HHPZ) before but I thought I’ll write a more detailed one after my most recent visit. I decided to take the […]

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