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Answering my Calling. Serendipitously.

As a former professor of organizational communication, a feminist, and an unapologetic qualitative scholar, my absolute favorite kind of research involved talking to people about their lives. When I wasn’t immersed in my participants’ life stories or making sense of the 500 pages of data before me in hard copy format, I ruminated over how… Read More Answering my Calling. Serendipitously.

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Multicultural Celebrations – Hanukkah and Christmas

I am prone to many anxious moments when time is of the essence and everything needs to get done just right. This is particularly the case during the holidays. I want everything to go well. As a multiracial, multicultural family, at every bend, starting October, there is a celebration a.k.a stressor, just waiting to get… Read More Multicultural Celebrations – Hanukkah and Christmas