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No More Milestones

There was a time, not very long ago, when everyday was full of new excitement and anticipation over what new thing my little girl would accomplish that day or even that week or month. Now, […]

Independence Day Weekend in Pictures

We had a fun few days, what with Aaron being home for four days!. Having taken the Monday before the 4th off, we got an extended long weekend. While we didn’t do much on Saturday […]

Teaching Kids to Swear

I know how it looks. I know you are judging me right now. I know you are on some kind of a moral high horse, perhaps even justified, praising yourself for having your language firmly under control when kids are around.

HerStory: Julie Siewert of Diaper Dabbler

It’s the first of the month which means it’s time for HerStory, a new series of posts presented by ThePhdMama blog to highlight the stories of moms who are like you and me, but just a little different. Julie Siewert is the owner and “the chief ‘Mom-in-Charge’ at Diaper Dabbler.

11 Things I Learned about Canada from Marrying a Canadian

In honor of Canada’s 150th Anniversary, I thought it would be fun to write about the things I learned about Canada from my very Canadian husband. If you are Canadian, “A Very Happy Canada Day” […]

Summer School Begins and Other Things

In 2015, June was the month in which Baby J experienced his first big fever. He was 14 months young. In 2016, June was the month I was still very much in the throes of […]

Adventures in Financial Literacy For Kids

This is a Sponsored Post. For most of us, a discussion on the value of education is redundant because it is a presumed fact of life. Likewise, depending on the part of the world in […]

Two Weeks of Fun with the Kids

TJ started summer school today. I could do a happy jig in celebration of this great occasion – TJ going back to school. In fact, I really should. TJ away at school for three hours […]

The Most Dramatic Change I Ever Made

Submitted to an essay competition in September 2016 – This was my first time writing such a personal essay and my first time submitting one to a competition. Of course, I didn’t win but the […]

The Adventures of a Curly-Haired Girl Wonder

This is my 200th post! In an interesting twist of system errors and a need to engage a backup restore, I lost the original post I had written and had to rewrite the second half all over again. I am not complaining. I love the fact that this post is my 200th!

20 Minutes Salmon Dinner with just 5 Ingredients

    If this is your first time visiting one of my recipes, you need to know that I almost NEVER measure. If you can’t work without measurements, I would suggest you look for a […]

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