Review: FotoJet, a Browser-Based All in One Photo Tool

No Adobe Photoshop subscription? No problem. No advanced designing skills? No problem. I love how things have advanced to a point where anyone can create beautiful images and other designs at the click of a few buttons, some typing, and some drag and drop agility. Websites like FotoJet that allow for everyday non-professional individuals like me to… Read More Review: FotoJet, a Browser-Based All in One Photo Tool

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Answering my Calling. Serendipitously.

As a former professor of organizational communication, a feminist, and an unapologetic qualitative scholar, my absolute favorite kind of research involved talking to people about their lives. When I wasn’t immersed in my participants’ life stories or making sense of the 500 pages of data before me in hard copy format, I ruminated over how… Read More Answering my Calling. Serendipitously.

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No More Milestones

There was a time, not very long ago, when everyday was full of new excitement and anticipation over what new thing my little girl would accomplish that day or even that week or month. Now, at almost 16 months, things are, how can I say this, um…more of the same.