Category: 2 year old

No More Yelling – Another Honest Attempt

It’s quiet. Rather peaceful, actually. It is about 11:15 a.m. and I am at my laptop writing this while my baby is asleep upstairs. TJ is at school. I feel accomplished and it is not […]

Just a quick note: No more Choo Choo

TJ always used the words ‘choo choo’ to mean a train or trains. That changed two days ago. He now calls them, well – train. A little part of me cried over the onomatopoeic death […]

Love for TJ: Value of the ordinary

As days go by, I am filled with deeper love for TJ and appreciation for a little boy who is so familiar and yet an independent spirit – mine to love and hold, to admire […]

Just one of those days

I am supremely exhausted today. I just put Baby E down for the night at 7:45 p.m. That baby has barely slept 2 hours all day today. How do people with multiple kids manage their […]

What a fun 2 year old!

People always talk about how the moment they laid their eyes on this newborn child, they felt an intense love-at-first-sight kind feeling, the butterflies and stars feeling of falling head over heals in love with […]

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