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Independence Day Weekend in Pictures

We had a fun few days, what with Aaron being home for four days!. Having taken the Monday before the 4th off, we got an extended long weekend. While we didn’t do much on Saturday […]

In Disappointments, We See New Lessons

We are bursting at the seams. Cliché, yes. My reality, absolutely yes. A developed world/privileged life problem? Couldn’t be truer.

A Week of Memories with Grandparents

I grew up with the security of unconditional love from extended family members. I want my children to get that same kind of love – the kind that only grandparents can give, the absolutely selfless and unconditional […]

3 amazing things I (re)discovered about my child today

I hung out at San Jose’s Westfield Valley Mall with the kids today and during our time together, I learned to appreciate, respect, and understand my son just a little bit more than I did […]

San Jose Rose White and Blue Independence Day Parade

We attended this year’s Independence Day Parade in San Jose. The event was to start at 10:00 a.m. but because we found a great parking spot toward the end of the parade, we just decided […]

Concerted Cultivation: What Middle-Class Parents do for their Kids

Note: Using ‘middle-class’ is not my choice of word here. I use it as conceptualized by Annette Lareau in her explanation of the term, ‘Concerted Cultivation’. If popular media, public commentary, and recent articles on […]

What’s the big deal with animal sounds? – Stories of Motherhood fails, farms, parks, and railroads

The last couple days have been eventful. On Friday, I took the kids to the local Emma Prusch Farm & Park and today, we visited the Billy Jones Wildcat Railroad in Los Gatos. Along the […]

My Top 2 Pet Peeves at the Children’s Discovery Museum of San Jose

This post is specific to my most recent visit to the Children’s Discovery Museum of San Jose. Alternatively, this post could also have been titled, “Things I notice now that I have two kids and […]

Around town with my crew – my kids

  After that first tentative visit to Lowe’s that I had blogged about some time back, I have become quite the up-and-about towner, towing my kids along for the ride. We went to Costco yesterday […]

Japanese Friendship Garden

Today we went to the Japanese Friendship Garden (JFG) homed within the beautiful Kelley Park at 1300 Senter Road. As the weather is getting better, we are always on the lookout of places to go […]

Settling in

It’s been almost two months since we moved to San Jose and we are settling in. Aaron started work last month and has been adapting to his new work. Meanwhile, I am adapting to life […]

‘The Great Summer Roadtrip’ is less than a week away

We are less than a week away from embarking on ‘The Great Summer Roadtrip’ of our lifetime and immediate future. Our movers are coming in on Tuesday and all our stuff will be packed away […]

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