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Fragile Lives: Fragile Moments – Cherishing the last times

Whoever said “Cherish every moment with your newborn. These moments don’t last forever” deserves the “Most Cliched Statement of the Parenting World” award, after having battled it out with “Sleep when the baby sleeps” for […]

Please stop growing…not really…yes, really…no..

TJ will be 2.5 years next month. Yes, my little boy whom I can still remember holding as a newborn, is going to be two-and-a-half years old!!! My other little one, my munchmuffin will turn […]

My baby is growing up: Feeding and Eating Independently

Day before yesterday, Aaron made pasta with ground turkey sauce for dinner. He and I were going to eat that while I made J his usual mashed brown rice-lentil mix. I decided that I would […]

…And just like that no more sleep sack

We used regular muslin swaddles with Baby J for a long time – almost 3-4 months until he got to a point where he learned of the existence of his hands, learned to move them […]

Managing a toddler’s first big fever (Baby J)

J had his 15 months’ shots on Wednesday last week. He had the Dtap, Hib, and Hep A (third shot). In the past, he has never had any issues with shots. When he got his […]

Mom and Baby’s days out – Playground Observations

Today I took J to see his pediatrician for his 15th months appointment. He got three shots and won’t have to get any more until he is 2 years old. I am always impressed with […]

The baby gag/throw-up phase (Feb-March, 2015)

We are only now recovering from a gag phase, that is, if I am not celebrating too prematurely. For about three weeks, Baby J had an attack of the gag…he would simply put his tiny […]

A year ago today…

I woke up at 9:00 a.m. with an unusual abdominal cramp and I just knew it! I rushed out and excitedly told my parents and Aaron that today was going to be the day we […]

Baby’s Own Room

There is something to say about Indian and Western parenting when flexibility takes the cake and holding on to cultural values may not always be the best option. When I was pregnant, as is common […]

Part 3 – 0 – 3 Months – Post-Partum experiences and lessons – What you may or may not know

Read: Part 1 – 0 – 3 Months – Post-Partum experiences and lessons – What you may or may not know Part 2 – 0 – 3 Months – Post-Partum experiences and lessons – What […]

Baby Starting Solids

Yesterday, my baby had his first ‘solid’ food. I bought Gerber’s Organic Brown Rice Cereal after doing a little bit of research. I was concerned about the levels of arsenic in brown rice in general […]

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