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It was two weeks ago yesterday that along with my sisters, I cremated my mother. As feminists who were born to two people who were way ahead of their times in how they chose to […]

How my second born child’s life is different from (or similar to) her older brother – Part 1

It was under five years ago that I began a beautiful journey with Aaron. As soon as we got engaged and got married three months later, we knew we wanted kids. Plural. We both wanted […]

Post-partum Recovery Help and Care in the Bay Area – Part 2

The story so far: I called B-aunty who found me through at the end of February. The first thing I asked her was if she had found another job. She said no. Cool, then […]

Indian postpartum care – Finding help in the Bay Area – Part 1

Who does not like a massage? Pretty much everybody I know, except Aaron, does. What’s not to like? Apart from massages being known to be uniquely therapeutic, healing, and rejuvenating, they just feel pretty darn […]

Baby Shower/Godh Bharai

A great way to start a blog on parenting and motherhood is by writing about the baby shower. To me, this is the first public acknowledgement of my pregnancy, my entry into the journey of […]

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