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How to Create a Playroom on a Budget

As you read in my recent post, we moved from a two-bedroom townhouse to a four-bedroom house with a separate family room which I converted into a playroom. I was really excited about designing this […]


So, we moved. Again. This is my 13th move in 17 years in the US and frankly, as I tell anybody who listens and even those who only pretend to, I just want to gather […]

In Disappointments, We See New Lessons

We are bursting at the seams. Cliché, yes. My reality, absolutely yes. A developed world/privileged life problem? Couldn’t be truer.

Don’t sweat the stuff…it’s only stuff

So the movers came today and moved our gazillion boxes, pieces of furniture, bicycles, and tires. After getting quotes from the three big moving companies – , we decided to go with Mayflower. The men […]

‘The Great Summer Roadtrip’ is less than a week away

We are less than a week away from embarking on ‘The Great Summer Roadtrip’ of our lifetime and immediate future. Our movers are coming in on Tuesday and all our stuff will be packed away […]

Got our rental home; first offer

On June 30th, after holding our breath the entire day and almost losing hope that the landlady would ever get back to us with positive news, we were considering our options late at night around […]

Home hunting in San Jose

Last week, Aaron and I went to San Jose to look for a rental apartment. Our flight took off late evening from Chicago and despite it being a direct Southwest flight, they rerouted my bag […]

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