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Turmeric Milk: The Magical Concoction to Fight Colds, Coughs, and the Flu

Turmeric Milk – what used to be a simple homemade concoction to alleviate symptoms of a cold, including sore throats, coughs, and milder forms of the flu, has finally caught on in the United States (just […]

7 Things I Learned When We Both (Parents) Fell Sick

What do you do when both parents/caregivers are sick? I have previously argued about who’s sickness is of more significance, the working partner’s or the stay-at-home-spouse’s? This is not that kind of a post and I don’t have […]

My angel baby takes her 4m shots #likeagirl

My darling little angel baby girl got her 4 months shots today as well as an oral vaccine and she took it #likeagirl . I was so proud of her! I scheduled the appointment for […]

An open letter to my postpartum body

Inspired by Vonesai Muhaso ‘s Huffington Post piece by the same title as above, I decided to write my own letter to my postpartum body. Dear Post-Partum Body,

Managing a toddler’s first big fever (Baby J)

J had his 15 months’ shots on Wednesday last week. He had the Dtap, Hib, and Hep A (third shot). In the past, he has never had any issues with shots. When he got his […]

The baby gag/throw-up phase (Feb-March, 2015)

We are only now recovering from a gag phase, that is, if I am not celebrating too prematurely. For about three weeks, Baby J had an attack of the gag…he would simply put his tiny […]

Percentiles and Competitiveness

Baby J is almost a year old now! It has been such an amazing year with all its lows and highs. I’ll write more about that in future blogs but for now, I wanted to […]

Part 3 – 0 – 3 Months – Post-Partum experiences and lessons – What you may or may not know

Read: Part 1 – 0 – 3 Months – Post-Partum experiences and lessons – What you may or may not know Part 2 – 0 – 3 Months – Post-Partum experiences and lessons – What […]

“I love my baby but I hate motherhood”

…said one of my colleagues echoing my sentiments exactly and after I had told her how hard these first few months of motherhood have been. I wondered why nobody tells you (read, warns you) about […]

10 Ways to Help Your Newborn Baby Manage Tummy and Gas Issues

When I was pregnant, I read the phrase, ‘the days are long but the months are short’ on a BabyCenter Forum. Reflecting on that further, it really hit me. Indeed! Even though I had a […]

Post-Partum Recovery Essentials for Hemorrhoids and Constipation

Postpartum recovery was an after thought. While pregnant, I had read a lot about labor and delivery so I knew what to expect. I am almost always a careful thinker who does her research well […]

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