Category: Growth & Development

Baby nap and sleep schedules

There are days and then there are days. The days when most things go right and I take pleasure at a job well done, praising myself even for having kept my cool, nurtured my children […]

What a fun 2 year old!

People always talk about how the moment they laid their eyes on this newborn child, they felt an intense love-at-first-sight kind feeling, the butterflies and stars feeling of falling head over heals in love with […]

Paci go bye bye

Just like that, TJ has given up on his pacifier. I was one of those moms who was very firm that my child would not use a pacifier. I hadn’t done much research on this […]

Toddler J (TJ) personality on the upswing

My little TJ is all over the place these days in terms of exploration. After all, with a nearly two weeks visit to Canada where we stayed at three different places and did an entire […]

Adventures of a boy wonder – The Food Chronicles

Toddler J or TJ is going to turn 17 months young next week and already he is a nonstop bundle of energy who only stops his active learning and engagement during sleep times. At all […]

…And just like that no more sleep sack

We used regular muslin swaddles with Baby J for a long time – almost 3-4 months until he got to a point where he learned of the existence of his hands, learned to move them […]

Managing a toddler’s first big fever (Baby J)

J had his 15 months’ shots on Wednesday last week. He had the Dtap, Hib, and Hep A (third shot). In the past, he has never had any issues with shots. When he got his […]

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