Category: Friendships

Thank you for tying my shoelace

Today, as is typical of most Wednesdays, I was at a library’s story-time with TJ and Baby E. As usual, I was wearing Baby E on my self in her Ergobaby while also keeping an […]

The quintessential mommy work clothes, hair, and make up: My version anyway

Getting anywhere with kids needs a lot of preparation. I have long said good-bye to days when I could take my time getting dressed and get my hair (should I straighten or curl) and make […]

J attends his first birthday party

Little J attended his first birthday party today. My colleague’s son, Aarav, turns 2 next week and we attended a celebration of that day. The party was between 1 – 4 p.m. which was a […]

Baby Shower

Aaron and I celebrated our baby’s arrival next month with a baby shower last week. I had a lot of fun seeing all my friends including coworkers whom I consider friends. It was a beautiful […]

Baby Shower/Godh Bharai

A great way to start a blog on parenting and motherhood is by writing about the baby shower. To me, this is the first public acknowledgement of my pregnancy, my entry into the journey of […]

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