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Untitled: Gathering the Pieces of Failure

My most recent pledge to not yell at my son was an epic failure on day 2. Everything was going smoothly until it was time to strap the kids in that monstrosity of a double […]

Will I ever learn…

…that my child is extremely impressionable and that what I do and how I behave absolutely and directly influences what he then does and how he behaves. …that my yelling may seem like a great […]

What you don’t know as a parent and a child…

There are a LOT of things I don’t know about raising kids but like most people, I raise them anyway, making mistakes along the way and sometimes, miraculously, just getting a few things right. Therefore, […]

An open letter to my postpartum body

Inspired by Vonesai Muhaso ‘s Huffington Post piece by the same title as above, I decided to write my own letter to my postpartum body. Dear Post-Partum Body,

I cried. Wasn’t the first time. Won’t be the last.

In my ongoing identity transition or should I more appropriately say, my frustrations with having to morph myself into a reluctant SAHM identity, I have many struggles. Daily. I am just not the stay at […]

My time, Me time, and time for myself

One thing that is often sacrificed with the arrival of kids is time. Sure you learn to appreciate time in other ways and if you’re like most parents or moms I know, keep an ongoing […]

First day alone with the kids – Insensitive comments don’t help anybody

Yesterday was B-aunty’s last day which meant today was my first full day with both kids all by myself and it was great. It was uneventful in the most amazing and normal way. I took […]

Love for TJ: Value of the ordinary

As days go by, I am filled with deeper love for TJ and appreciation for a little boy who is so familiar and yet an independent spirit – mine to love and hold, to admire […]

Just one of those days

I am supremely exhausted today. I just put Baby E down for the night at 7:45 p.m. That baby has barely slept 2 hours all day today. How do people with multiple kids manage their […]

Embracing a SAHM identity (or not) (1) – To be continued…

Even as a young adult I knew categorically that I would never be a housewife. Myopically, being a housewife meant financial dependency, limited professional options, a uniquely multi-faced but seemingly one dimensional life, and a […]

Day 4 – Rapid City, SD – Casper, WY and Mt. Rushmore

I have never been to South Dakota or Wyoming. Even with work conferences taking me to different places, these two states (and a bunch of others) never seem to be on academic associations’ conferences places […]

Got our rental home; first offer

On June 30th, after holding our breath the entire day and almost losing hope that the landlady would ever get back to us with positive news, we were considering our options late at night around […]

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