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Featured on ‘In Conversation With…’

Earlier this month, I was featured on ‘In Conversation With’ Over Heaven’s Hill. Geraldine of OHH runs this popular series on her award-winning blog and I was thrilled to be a part of it.

Blogger Recognition Award

In recent weeks, I have twice been nominated for the Blogger Recognition Award. As I previously wrote while accepting and gushing over my first peer-nominated blog award, the Versatile Blogger Award, these kinds of awards are […]

#BloggerBeatz linky is live…

…in less than 30 minutes…come join my first blog link party. If you missed the announcement, please click – Invitation to Join my First Link Party #BloggerBeatz All you have to do is link an […]

Do you blog? Invitation to Join My First Link Party – #BloggerBeatz

You are Invited!!! Come and join me at my very own link party with #BloggerBeatz. If you are a blogger, link any old or new post to #BloggerBeatz. Let’s make blogging even more fun with comments and feedback, engaged readers, and virtual connections.

Another new beginning – Self-Hosting Choices: BlueHost or SiteGround

I did it!! I made the big move! After tinkering around with the idea of going the self-hosting route, I finally took the plunge into the unknown a few days ago. It has been quite […]

In Case You Missed Them…Top Posts of 2016

Picking one’s favorite post is never an easy task. Thankfully, posts aren’t kids and no post is going to nurse a wounded ego should I not choose it for whatever reason. Then again, living with a […]

ThePhdMama Badge

I have been thinking about a brand image for this blog for a while. I wanted it to represent the title, both, the PhD part as well as the Mama part. After a few weeks of […]

On Being a Mom and Trying to Write

It’s 6:20 a.m. Late by my new standards because I would ideally like to wake up at 5:30 a.m. But you won’t find me complaining much. Wait…no you might just find me complaining a little. […]

Lessons from British Mom Bloggers (BMB)

I thought I’ll take a break from writing about my kids and instead write a blog post about blogging. About British moms. Of course I am painting all British Mom Bloggers (BMB) with a broad […]

Just a rant – What I Don’t Understand About (some) Moms who Write

Bring on the sanctimommy gripes, the trolls, and the bullying. I just don’t care. This is my rant post today. As a mother who blogs… I dislike the momblogger moniker. Why momblogger? Why not just […]

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