Just a quick note: No more Choo Choo

Combining two of his favorite things: Books and Dump trucks

TJ always used the words ‘choo choo’ to mean a train or trains. That changed two days ago. He now calls them, well – train. A little part of me cried over the onomatopoeic death of a baby word. As he picks up new words, he leaves behind a vocabulary of babyhood innocence – ‘hoe’ has been replaced with ‘backhoe’, and a pretend snoring sound has been replaced with ‘sheep’ to mean sleep. Another little part of me will die the day he starts calling dump trucks, dump trucks instead of ‘dump dump’. For now, I will find solace in the fact that when he wants to watch videos of dump trucks AND trains, he collectively calls them ‘dump dump choo choo’….and at least he still makes the “oooeee oooeee” sound to mean a firetruck 🙂

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